China Nightlife

China Nightlife



Although swiftly catching up with the west in nightlife options, China's night scene has a distinct personality of its own. In other words, anything goes. Acrobatic shows, karaoke, disco dancing, a sprinkle of naughtiness here and there, Chinese opera dinner shows, western-style bars and pubs, there's even a Louisiana-themed jazz bar/club downtown Beijing!

In a country with so many influences and people to influence, the nightlife in China is bound to be eclectic, different and interesting.

In comparison to Shanghai, Beijing's nightlife is not so high octane. Still, because of the city's huge population and the government's liberalisation (and realisation that there's money to be made from nightlife) many places rock till the early hours. The non-alcoholic beverage of choice is still tea but with no less than 45 branches of Starbucks in Beijing the café scene is one to be reckoned with. Oh yes, and the ubiquitous (at least in Asia) karaoke scene is alive and well.

The Sanlitun area is still a pretty busy nightlife centre, despite Beijing's determination to tear everything down and build anew. Small bars dot the neighbourhood – some so small that capacity is 10 punters. Opposite the Workers' Stadium is a gaggle of bars and clubs but the Sanlitun southern part has succumbed to the wrecking ball. Sanlitun Central seems to be dominated by shopping malls but if you look closer opposite the Great Dragon Hotel you'll find some of the most popular bars and discos in Beijing.  

Being a city that never sleeps, Shanghai’s liveliness goes well beyond daytime activity. At night when people come out to play, the city’s clubs and bars are its heartbeat, positively pulsating with energy and buzzing with excitement.
From the seediest watering holes to sophisticated lounge bars, Shanghai keeps the momentum going well into the night with some of the trendiest, most happening nightspots in Asia. Once you have experienced it yourself, you will come to understand why Shanghai is dubbed the city with the most colourful nightlife in China.